LAST UPDATED: 15.06.2014

Photo: Edgard Berendsen


ikono.TV – „Carte Blanche“

In cooperation with ikono, five artists were selected at the PREVIEW BERLIN ART FAIR

2013 to be presented in the format “Carte Blanche”.

On 21 September 2013 the jury announced Jisan Ahn, Frauke Rahr, Ray Malone, Olrik Kohlhoff and Jesper Rasmussen as the winners.

With ikonoTV, the innovative media platform ikono features high definition short films about the arts, broadcasted on a 24-hour basis. Each film presents artworks selected from a wide spectrum of styles, mediums, and time periods, with no added music or narrative elements to distract from the visual experience. ikono works closely with curators, art historians, and filmmakers in the continuous production of new programming, bringing a diversity of cultural and artistic expression from around the globe to the screen.

Being one of ikono’s special program formats, the „Carte Blanche“ is a virtual space for international curators, allowing them to showcase a choice of artworks based on their original curatorial concept.